Remote Car Starter

Remote Car Starters

Cool Down this Summer with a Remote Start! Get the A/C cranking when you use your remote start and avoid getting into a stuffy, hot car! With the push of a button so you can drive comfortably no matter the weather!

  • Start the A/C!
  • Cool Down Blazing Hot Interiors!
  • Professional Installation with Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee!

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The Different Remote Start Systems:

One Way Remote Start Systems: These allow you to start the vehicle (and in some cases lock and unlock the doors from the same remote) but do not confirm or alert you that the vehicle has in fact started. Often known as “line-of-sight” remote starts, these are best for those who can see their vehicle when they need to start it.

Two Way Remote Start Systems: These provide visual and audible confirmation when commands from your remote (Start, Lock/Unlock) are sent successfully. These systems are best for those who can’t always see their vehicle when remote starting. With a 2-way system, have confidence that you car did in fact start. (Example, Remote starting from inside a grocery store where you don’t have direct view of your vehicle).

SmartPhone Control: Start your car from virtually anywhere with your iPhone or Android phone! Learn More Here About Compustar Drone Mobile 

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Why we don’t list our prices: It’s best to keep in mind that remote starts are not a one-price-fits-all product. Some vehicles require additional parts and labor.  A “listed retail price” isn’t always the same for every vehicle.  We strive to give an honest and upfront price, but it is best to contact us directly to find remote start model and price options for you and your vehicle. 

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Columbus Car Audio & Accessories carries a variety of models, and can help you find the right remote start system for your needs.  Request information from us today to see pricing and information on your vehicle make and model.

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