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Enjoy Your Favorite TV Programming on the Road! TracVision A9 gets you rolling with hundreds of channels of live DIRECTV® or DISH Network® sports, news, and movies, plus your local channels! No other in-vehicle entertainment system can match the TracVision A9’s rich offering of your favorite live, digital-quality DIRECTV or DISH Network channels virtually everywhere you drive! Even local channels are available so you don’t have to miss the big game, season finale, traffic report, or local news ever again.


Designed with Your Vehicle in Mind: The sleek, stylish ultra-low-profile TracVision A9 is the perfect complement to every SUV, minivan, limousine, or luxury automobile, enabling you to travel down the road with access to your favorite satellite TV programming. The patented, automotive-grade housing comes in clear-coated high-gloss black and is rugged enough to withstand wind, rain, snow, dirt, and other road conditions.

Advanced Antenna Technology: The TracVision A9 achieves its superior performance by using KVH’s patented hybrid phased-array antenna technology, providing ultra-quiet, GPS-enhanced advanced tracking and crystal-clear reception. Best, the TracVision A9 includes the innovative TracVision TV-Hub, an IP-enabled system controller allowing access to system information from any mobile device or laptop

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