Headrest Video Monitors

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Vehicle Headrest Video Monitors

7 Replacement Headrest Video Monitors

Keep backseat passengers entertained with Headrest Video Monitors, making road trips better for everyone!

Headrest Video Monitors

Just like it sounds, it’s easy to replace your current headrests with ones that have built in monitors and DVD players (some even support smartphone integration, USB, and SD cards).  With headrests, you have the options of having one shared DVD player or two separate ones, in case your backseat passengers can’t agree on what to watch.  

Custom Replacement Headrest Options:

  • 7″ Screens, each with built in DVD players
  • 7″ Screens, each with built in DVD players and HDMI
  • 8″ Screens, each with built in DVD players and HDMI
  • 8″ Touchscreens, each with built in DVD players, HDMI, and Android Operating System
  • Specially ordered to match your vehicle’s factory interior

Call or email us today to find out what mobile video option would work best for your vehicle and start having better road-trips!