Drone Mobile; SmartPhone Remote Start, Security,  & Tracking

The most powerful device for controlling and tracking your vehicle is already in your pocket! DroneMobile connects your vehicle to your smartphone – so that you can remote start, secure, and track your vehicle from virtually anywhere!

Remote Start & Lock/Unlock your vehicle from anywhere with unlimited range using DroneMobile.

Use the DroneMobile App from all your favorite devices including your smart watch, tablet, and more.

Powered by Google Maps, use the app to GPS track and locate your vehicle, no matter where it is.

Arm your security system from anywhere with the app and get alerts if it’s triggered.

Keep an eye on vehicle health with maintenance reminders and get alerts for check engine lights, low battery, and more.

Set up geofences and points of interest within the app and be alerted when your vehicle enters or exits a specified location.

Monitor driving habits by setting up speed alerts, monitoring curfew, and sharing app access with family members.

GPS Tracking & Driver Monitoring

DroneMobile’s GPS Tracking is the perfect solution for enhancing your security and staying connected to any young or new drivers in your family.

GPS Car Finder – Know where your vehicles are at all times. Easily keep daily tabs on your vehicle, use it to remember where you parked, or in the case of theft you’d be able to locate your car immediately.

Engine Alerts – Receive a notification the moment your vehicle’s engine turns on or off.

Geofences – Create boundaries to be notified when your vehicle enters/exits an specified area.

Speeding Alerts – Set a max speed for your vehicle to get alerts when your car exceeds the limit.

Curfew Monitoring – Set a window of time for authorized use of your vehicle. Get notified if it is driven outside of that window.

How It Works

In order to start your car from your smartphone, you will need a DroneMobile Antenna and a compatible remote starter professionally installed in your vehicle. When you hit the “Remote Start” command from the DroneMobile app, the remote starter installed in your vehicle safely emulates your key’s signal and starts your engine.

Subscription Plan Required

The DroneMobile module functions very similarly to a smartphone in that it is constantly transmitting cellular data to and from your vehicle. Thus, in order to keep your DroneMobile module actively connected to the cellular network, a DroneMobile plan is required. Plans start as low as $3.99/month.

Basic Plan:
Vehicle Control & Security

  • Remote Start & Keyless Entry
  • Security & Alarm Alerts
  • Vehicle Status

Premium Plan:
Basic + GPS Tracking

  • GPS Car Finder
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Geofences & POIs
  • Curfew Setup & Alerts


For even more info, visit the Drone Mobile Official Website.

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