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How to Shop for a Remote Starter

So you’ve decided you’re done with getting into a cold car and done with scraping your windshield in the winter – you’ve made the right decision! Getting a remote car starter installed can save you from battling the cold weather every time you go to get in your car. (P.S. You can use one in the summer to crank the A/C too!)

Ice Scraper

But maybe you’re not sure where to start shopping for one? We can help! Here’s a few tips and things to think about while you’re shopping for a remote start.

Where to Buy?

The most important thing about getting a remote start installed is finding a place that can do it. This is definitely not a DIY install so you’ll want someone professional and experienced. You’ll want to put your car in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to installing this equipment. Not to brag, but we’ve been installing in the 12V industry for over 38 years and our experienced install technicians are fully trained and equipped to handle your vehicle properly. Plus, we offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee on all of our installations.

Consider Your Car

While many different remote start brands and models are available not all are compatible with every vehicle.  Your vehicle may require additional parts (like a bypass module) or additional labor to make a remote start work properly. Features like factory security systems, push button starts, and standard transmissions are all factors in considering which remote start will work with your vehicle. We’re always happy to discuss any additional components that may or may not be needed to make a remote start work for your vehicle.

Remote Start Range

Ask yourself where you’ll be starting your car from? It matters because different remote starts have different ranges. Will you be starting your car from inside your house right next to your driveway? Or maybe from your office while your car is parked in the back of the big office lot? You’ll want to make sure you purchase one that will work when you need it to.

Consider Price

It’s true what they say, you get what you pay for. And what you should be paying for is high quality technology and knowledgeable installation. So it may not be best to go with the cheapest price you find. Maybe you’re shopping around online, that’s smart to research, but you might not be seeing an accurate price.

Some retailers online don’t include the price of installation, or the price of any additional parts your specific vehicle may need. And some low cost models might not have the range you’ll need. When it comes to your car, don’t cut corners, invest in what you’re installing in it.

We’ll be happy to walk you through our pricing structure and we’ll always be upfront about if your vehicle needs additional parts and additional costs. (We’ll be honest, most newer vehicles do require some extra attention, so don’t always assume the price you see online is 100% accurate.)

When to Shop

You’ve gotten this far, decided to get a remote start and maybe you’ve even picked out a model. The next step is to install it, but when? Simply put, do it now. Install it now before this winter hits, before you’ve scraped your first window for the year, and before the first snow flake falls. Be prepared, it’s that simple! It’ll benefit you to do it now not only because you’ll beat the weather, but you’ll also beat the rush of people who realize they need a remote start too when the weather turns. Once the frost starts coming every morning our install garage fills up quickly with remote start installations every day, so schedule your vehicle now.

How to Shop for a Remote Starter

    *Please note leather interiors and moonroofs are only installed at the Morse Road location.

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    *Please note, leather interiors, and moonroofs are only installed at the Morse Road location.
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