Custom Wheels and Tires

Custom Wheels and Tires take your vehicle from the ordinary…to the extraordinary.

Whether you’re driving a car, truck or SUV we can help find the custom wheels and tires for you! With a wide range of distinctive styles, finishes, and colors available, the possibilities are almost limitless. Chrome & Forged wheels, Off-Road wheels, All Season & All Terrain tires, we’ve got it all!

Have You Met Our Wheel & Tire Expert, Tony?

Tony, Sales, ’19

Tony’s been in the industry for years and knows exactly the right wheel & tire for whatever look you want to achieve. Performance or style, Tony can help you choose the right wheel for your ride! Email or Call him today to get started!

“I can not imagine better service than that extended to us by Tony as we searched for new tires and wheels. He is the best of the best.  Super thorough, responsive, experienced and kind. This is who you need to seek out if you want to change the look your vehicle’s wheels.”

Gayle P, YELP Review


Choose your custom look; available in a wide range of styles and from a variety of top brands. We’ll help you select the right ones for your vehicle and tire size, desired ride, and performance.

Alloy Wheels are created by pouring liquid aluminum into a mold, while forged wheels are made from a single block of aluminum that is heated and forced into a shape under extreme pressure.

Both methods involve multiple additional steps of refinement, shaping, painting and/or polishing. With traditional factory wheels, the process largely ends at casting.

Custom forged wheels can truly enhance the appearance of your vehicle, but they can also improve its performance. Many high-tech methods and materials developed for the aerospace industry have been incorporated into today’s wheel construction to make the wheels stronger, more flexible and lighter weight.


From All Season and Off-Road, to Performance, we’ll help you find the right ones for your vehicle and driving style! 

Brands We Offer

Every vehicle is different and every driver has different tastes. We encourage you to contact us with your questions about what might be right for you. We carry a TON of different brands of wheels and tires, not just the ones listed above. We have several wheel and tire experts on staff to help you with your selection and installation.

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