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 Car Subwoofers

Lose yourself in the music!  

Pump up the Bass and feel the music like never before.  If you want to experience what music should be, you NEED a great subwoofer, and we are here to help.

  • Deep Bass – Making Your Music That Much Richer
  • Full Bodied, Heart Thumping True Sound
  • Great for All Types of Music: Rock, Rap, Country

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Why Get a Subwoofer?

Adding a subwoofer system is the single most significant improvement you can make to a car audio system. Subwoofers reproduce bass audio frequencies with single, dual, or quad voice coils and have resistance in ohms.  Each has its own unique design elements, power handling, and looks.  Combining the right size, correct enclosure, and the best power can get you the best sound quality and highest output.


Columbus Car Audio & Accessories can help you design the system that is right for you and your price range; it all depends on how loud you want to go!

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