Radar Detectors

The freedom to relax, drive with confidence, and not worry as much about an unwanted ticket – that’s what an investment in a radar detector can give you.

  • Protects Against Speeding Tickets!
  • Encourages Safer Driving
  • Track Law Enforcement Radar & Laser Speed Detection Devices!

How Radar Detectors Work


Police radar guns “see” a vehicle by transmitting a microwave pulse. Then they make use of the Doppler Effect: the frequency of the transmitted pulse is compared to the frequency of the reflection, and speed is calculated by using the difference between them.

The idea behind radar detectors is they look for radar “beams” and find them before they can return a strong enough reflection to “illuminate” you. Radar detectors are essentially microwave radio receivers that make noise or flash lights when they sense an incoming signal on specific frequencies.

Types of Detectors:

  1. K40 RADARCorded Detectors: Windshield mounted via suction cups and are plugged into a 12V outlet.
  2. Cordless Detectors: Can easily be moved from one vehicle to another and have a cleaner look than corded models, and run off of batteries.
  3. Remote(Hidden) Mount Detectors: Permanently and typically custom installed into your vehicle, virtually undetectable and invisible.

Featured Products:

  • Escort Redline 360c Radar Detector

    Escort REDLINE 360c Radar Detector

  • K40 Platinum100 Portable Radar and Laser Detector

    K40 Platinum100 Portable Radar and Laser Detector

  • K40 Platinum360 Custom Installed Radar Detector

Featured Brands:


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