Moonroof Installation

Installing a roof adds style to your vehicle, increases your resell value, and gives you a more open and roomier driving experience!

Recently buy a car without a sunroof/moonroof, but want one?  What could be better than feeling the sun on your skin and breathing fresh air every time you get behind the wheel?

Full Feature Inbuilt Sunroof

  • Solar tinted encapsulated glass.
  • Three button one touch switch illuminates either green or red.
  • One touch open / one touch close function.
  • Auto close function.
  • Programmable comfort position.
  • Integrated adjustable pop-up wind deflector minimizes wind noise.
  • Built in water management system for protection against the elements.
  • OE style mechanism ensures smooth quiet operation.
  • Thin module design allows for maximum headroom.
  • Headliner substrate allows for clean interior finish.

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Webasto sunroofs not only offer a draught-free fresh air experience, but also create a pleasant and bright vehicle interior. Webasto has been developing and producing sunroofs for the automotive industry for more than 60 years. The market leader offers a suitable sunroof for every vehicle type and model

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