Customize Your Remote Start

AA046865_22 copyYou’ve heard of a remote car starter, and that it starts your vehicle remotely with the push of a button.  But, did you know there are a lot more features you could be taking advantage of? 

Overview of Remote Car Starter Types

  • Basic One Button One Way Remote Starter: A simple remote starter with a one button remote that simply starts your vehicle.
  • Two Way Remote Starter: Available in one button and multiple button remotes, this type of remote starter sends a signal back to your remote confirming that your vehicle has started.
  • Smartphone Remote Starter: A remote starter controlled by your smartphone, the most advanced, typically featuring GPS, Lock/Unlock, and more. This system requires a monthly subscription fee.

Additional Features

You could be getting a lot more out of your remote car starter! We offer many extra features to add even more convenience to your daily drive. Keep in mind though not all add on features are compatible with every vehicle or every remote start system. This is something we can help you decide on and help you get the features you’re looking for. Features we offer include:

  • anti grind for emailAnti-Grind: Prevents accidental key starts when car is already running
  • Driver’s Door Priority Unlock: Allows you to unlock the driver’s door with one click of the remote and the passenger door with a second click
  • Trunk Release: Open the trunk of your vehicle with the remote start remote
  • Rear Defrost Activation: Allows your remote start system to activate your rear defrost
  • rear defrost for emailKeyless Unlock: This applies to one button models, allowing you to unlock your doors when the vehicle is running by using the remote start remote
  • Panic Mode: Allows for panic to be activated from the remote start remote and horn will sound on lock and unlock
  • Heated Seat Activation: Turns on your heated seats during remote start
  • Heated Seat ActivationSliding Door: Opens your sliding rear doors (for Mini Vans) from the remote start remote
  • Dome Light Activation: Turns on the interior dome light when unlocking he vehicle with the remote start remote
  • GPS Tracking: Available for some Smartphone remote starters with a service fee, allows you to track your vehicle if it ever gets stolen, or if you simply forgot where you parked
  • Maintenance Reminders: Available for some Smartphone remote starter with a service fee, allows you to check on the status of your vehicle and set reminders for things like oil change, or tire rotation

While most features are optional, there are certain instances were an add on is required. Manual

  • Factory Alarm Disarm: Some vehicle and remote start system combinations require that the factory security system be disabled for proper use of the remote start
  • Manual Transmission: Required to make a remote start function properly if your vehicle is a manual transmission

When you visit us to get more information on a remote start, our sales team will be happy to walk through all of the features available and determine the best remote start for you and your vehicle. Or fill out the Product Information Request Form below to reach us by email. 

*Remote start features can be added on at an additional cost.  Cost at time of remote start system install will be discounted vs. adding on at a later date. Not all add on features are compatible with every vehicle or every remote start system. Some remote start installations require a $100 bypass module and/or additional parts and labor.  Talk to a salesperson to get exact pricing and compatibility information for your vehicle.

Customize Your Remote Start

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