Why Should I Care About Remote Car Starter Range?

If you’re unfamiliar with remote car starters or have never owned one then range may not strike you as an important feature, but trust us, it is.

You may think that you only need a small amount of range since you’re only going to use it while your car is parked 100 feet from you in your ‘close to the house’ driveway.  For some this may be true, but really think…is that the only place you’ll want to use your remote car starter?

Sure it’s a given that a remote car starter is useful on a cold morning before you leave for work, but it’s also true that your car will need warmed up when you go to lunch, or before your commute home every afternoon. We can guarantee that if you get into a warmed up vehicle once, you’ll be hooked and want to use that remote start every chance you get!

How Much Range is Enough?

Start by thinking of all the places you will park your vehicle over the course of an average week.  Think of where your car sits for periods of time; work, church, school, the grocery store, the mall, etc.  You’ll want to use your remote car starter from those places too, so get a system with enough range to be able to.

Inexpensive remote start systems usually don’t have great range, and it’ll benefit you in the long run to invest a little more in a better system.  Those high end systems typically have better operating frequencies and channels, giving them the power to work through commercial buildings and fight electrical interference.  You can even get unlimited range by upgrading to a Smartphone remote start system, these will remote start your vehicle as long as your phone and car are in cell service, eliminating the worry of range.

Let Us Help!

Range is a great thing to discuss with your salesperson when choosing a remote start, once we know where you’ll be using your system, we can suggest the best one for your needs and show you how to use it. Visit us to see all the remote start systems we carry and get more information on which ones would work for you.

Why Should I Care About Remote Car Starter Range?

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