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Debunking Remote Start Myths

Are you thinking of getting a remote start but you’ve heard too many negative things about them, or maybe you don’t think it’s for you, or maybe you’re just not sure? We’re here to help! We’ve taken the most common myths people hear about remote start systems and debunked them below:

1. Having a remote start means carrying an extra, bulky key fob.

Many remote start systems we carry come with compact design remotes that are smaller than most factory key fobs.  Also, for many vehicles we can integrate a remote start into your factory key fob, so you won’t have to carry anything extra, you’d just remote start by hitting the lock button 3 times.

Remote Start Myths

2. A factory remote start is better than an aftermarket one.

Factory remote starters are basic and often lack features that are easily added with an aftermarket system. The two biggest differences are aftermarket systems have farther operating range (how far away from the car it will work) and offer 2-way confirming capabilities.

3. A remote starter is only useful in the Winter.

Yes, you typically think of a remote starter to warm up your car but they’re just as handy in the summer too.  Use your remote start in the summer to cool down your car, so you won’t have to get into a stuffy vehicle with a scalding steering wheel or leather seats.

4. My car has a manual transmission so I can’t get a remote start.

Most systems are manual transmission compatible, but sometimes will need extra parts and/or labor. We use a ‘reservation’ mode to ensure that the vehicle is parked out of gear ready to remote start. Reservation mode typically entails setting your emergency brake, releasing, and setting again to ensure the car is ready to be remote started.

Remote Start Myths

5. It seems easy enough, I can install a remote starter by myself.

Today’s vehicles are sophisticated and integrating remote starter technology is a complicated procedure that only trained professionals should attempt. Plus, if we run into an issue, we have access to the top manufacturer’s technical support.

6. Remote starters are just bad for a car.

Simply put, a remote start runs your engine the same way it runs when you start it with the key. When you allow your vehicle to warm up before driving away, the fluids in your engine will lubricate critical components better.

7. An aftermarket remote start system will void a vehicle’s warranty.

This is just not true thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This prevents OEMs from voiding a warranty because of the addition of aftermarket products.

8. Remote start systems waste gas.

They use the same amount of gas as starting your car with your key.

9. Remote starters are illegal in Ohio.

It’s illegal to leave a car running, unattended, with the keys in the ignition. With a remote start the key is not in the ignition. Remote starts even come factory standard on a lot of new cars, and they wouldn’t if they were actually illegal.

10. My car is more likely to get stolen when it’s remote started.

With a remote start all the safety features of your car are still there; your doors will still be locked when it’s running. Also, if someone does manage to get into your vehicle, if they go to put it in gear the remote starter will shut off when the brake pedal is pushed, preventing them from driving off.

11. I don’t need one because I have a garage.

Maybe by parking in a garage your car doesn’t get snow covered, but it still gets cold in there, right? And do you also park in a garage when you go to the grocery store? Or the movie theater? Or when out shopping? Trust us, you’ll use it more than you think you will!

12. I can’t get one for my car because I have a diesel engine.

We can safely install a system giving your vehicle enough time for the glow plugs to warm up.

13. I can’t install a remote start because I lease my car.

We said earlier that it does not void any warranty, plus the system can be removed when it’s time to trade back in.

Now that we’ve de-bunked some common myths or arguments against getting a remote start, what’s stopping you? Contact us today to find out all the options available for your vehicle and we’ll happily answer any questions or address any reservations you have about getting one!

Debunking Remote Start Myths

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