Car Audio Speakers

Factory Speakers are just not the best; the vehicle manufacturer gives low priority to a vehicle’s sound system.  If you want something better than just OK, upgrade to Aftermarket Speakers.

  • Get better sound quality and clarity
  • Made with high quality materials, and built better than factory ones
  • Built from sophisticated designs, and state-of-the-art technology

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What type of speakers do you need?

Full Range – these contain all the speaker elements in one.  They consist of a woofer for the lows, a tweeter to produce the highs, and some have additional drivers such as mid-range for the middle frequencies. Full range speakers can be a good option if you’re looking to simply replace factory speakers.  They come in a variety of sizes that can be mounted easily into factory speaker locations.

Component – these systems include separate woofers and tweeters to give you a superior design and a more detailed sound.  There is also an external crossover to separate the bass/mid-range and high frequencies.

Coaxial – these are comprised of a driver and a tweeter.  The driver reproduces the bass and midrange frequencies and the tweeter reproduces the high.    The crossover used in coaxial speakers is usually attached to the baskets of the speaker, so no external mounting is required.


Adding new speakers can be one of the most effective and affordable ways to upgrade your sound system.  At Columbus Car Audio, we hand pick the products we carry, and our experts will help you select the best possible one to meet your needs.  What’s right for one customer may not be right for another.

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