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Wheel & Tire FAQs

Wheels & Tires FAQ

Below we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions we get about how to choose and how to shop for new wheels. It can be a daunting experience, with so many options available from so many brands, we’re here to help find the right wheels & tires for your ride! Read on for Wheel & Tire FAQs.

Your Name Says “CAR AUDIO”, Why Would I Buy Wheels From You?

We got into the wheel segment to expand our business so we can offer something to everyone. Our goal is truly to be your one-stop-shop for all your vehicle needs!

We even hired a specialist, Tony,  who’s been in the wheel business for 15+ years and has worked for 2 different wheel manufacturers. You can trust that he knows the ins and outs of all things wheels!

Tony 614-679-6478 tony(at)

Do I Need to Know What Size Wheels I Need or What Size Will Fit My Vehicle?

Size is one of the first questions we’ll ask you when it comes to picking out wheels. One way to check what will fit your vehicle is the check the sticker plate on the inside of the driver’s side door or you can check your make and model online to find the answer. If you don’t know the answer, we can help determine what size you currently have and go from there on helping you decide to stay that size or go bigger.

Do I Need New Tires if I Get New Wheels?

That all depends on if you want to go bigger than your current wheel and tire size. We’ll ask you initially if you’re wanting to keep your existing tires. If the answer is yes then no need to get new ones. We’ll find you wheels that fit.

If the answer is no, then you’ll need to order new tires to match the size of your new wheels. Tony will help verify that everything will match and that it’s a safe size for your vehicle.

Nitto Tires

What Should I Look For When Buying Wheels?

That’s totally up to you, go for what you like! We only carry trusted brands so you know no matter what your style, you’re getting quality wheels.

What Are My Wheel Color & Style Options?

Well, they’re basically endless! Once we figure out what size you’re wanting to go with we’ll ask you if you had a style or finish in mind. (Black, Chrome, Painted, Custom, etc.) If you already know what you want, we’ll go from there on showing you some options and letting you choose what you like best. If you don’t know, we can show you several from each category & help you narrow down your choice. We have the different finishes on display in our stores, plus we can show you options from catalogs and websites that we order from.

You can also show Tony a picture of the wheels you had in mind or what you like and we’ll find it or a very close match for you!

Wheel & Tire FAQs

Why Do You Only Have a Few Wheels Actually On Display?

It would be impossible to have all the wheels we can get you on display! We have access to hundreds of different manufacturers to order from and having all the styles, colors, and sizes in store would just take up WAY too much room. We don’t order your wheels until you pick them out, making it a truly custom experience.

Is There a Warranty on The Wheels?

Wheels come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The standard is typically a lifetime warranty on the structure of the wheel and a 1 year warranty on the finishes. (This does not cover curbing a wheel, or if you hit a pot hole and break your wheel). This may vary depending on brand.

Do You Mount & Balance In-House?

Yes, when we can!

Can I Finance My New Wheels?

Our Brandsource financing option is good toward wheels and tires. Apply online HERE.

Wheel & Tire FAQs

How Long Does Ordering & Installation Take?

We can get your wheels in store within a week or less, depending on the brand you choose and where we have to order from.

Once they arrive, we’ll call you to schedule the install, which can be done in one day.

What Brands Do You Carry?

Some of our most popular brands include Fuel, Black Rhino, Niche, Touren, to name a few. But, we can order from hundreds of brands that carry hundreds of styles to get exactly what you’re looking for!

Get More Info on Wheels & Tires or Contact Tony HERE

Wheel & Tire FAQs

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