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A Remote Start for the Summer

Control the Seasons with a Remote Start for Your Car!

Summer is here and with it comes the heat, sunshine, and warm days.  While that sounds nice, you might not enjoy it so much when getting into your car means getting into a sweltering hot box! 

We’ve all been there, it’s summer and you’ve spent your entire day at work with your car parked out in the open just baking in the sun.  Fast forward to the end of your work day, you walk to your car only to be hit in the face with a wave of hot air and trapped heat as soon as you open your door. 

We think that’s reason enough to use a remote starter in the summer!

  • Cool down your car – Have you ever turned on your car, blasted your air conditioning only to get a huge gust of hot air blown in your face? We all know it takes time for a A/C system to cool down and start blowing that glorious chilly air on us. With a remote starter, you can start your engine 5 to 10 minutes before you get in to give you’re A/C the chance to cool down it needs before you get in!
  • Decreases air pressure – One reason why the temperature inside of a car on a hot day feels so much hotter is because of the increased air pressure inside the vehicle. In just 10 minutes, the temperature of a parked vehicle can rise 20 degrees (whoa!) and will feel significantly hotter than the air outside of the car. Remote starting your engine will allow the air to start circulating before you open that door.
  • Black Leather Seats – Enough said? In direct sunlight, leather seats will quickly turn from a luxury into a burn risk. Remote start your vehicle, the air inside the vehicle cools down, essentially cooling down the leather seats you’ll have to sit on too.

*Please note, a remote start does not make it safe to leave children, pets, or anything for that matter inside of a parked vehicle on a hot day.

We think it’s important you’re comfortable in your vehicle year-round and a remote starter only helps with that! Ask us today which remote starter is right for your car and we can help you on your way to controlling the weather (inside your vehicle at least)!

A Remote Start for the Summer

    *Please note, window tinting, leather interiors, and moon-roofs are only installed at the Morse Road location.

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    *Please note, leather interiors, and moon-roofs are only installed at the Morse Road location.
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