JL Audio Stealthbox for Polaris Slingshot

JL Audio has been bringing us the Stealthbox for our cars and trucks for a while now, but did you know they recently introduced Stealthbox for Polaris Slingshots? (We’re pretty excited about it!) Now it’s even easier to get amped up sound for your off-road adventures!

What is Stealthbox

If you’re not familiar with JL Audio’s line of Stealthbox subwoofer enclosures, you’re missing out.  This line is made up of subwoofer enclosures designed to integrate seamlessly or even hidden in specific vehicles.  JL Audio’s website boasts:

“Our engineers begin the Stealthbox design process by studying the acoustics of the target vehicle and evaluating potential Stealthbox locations. Extensive testing takes place with the goal of maximizing performance while minimizing loss of vehicle utility and comfort. “

Stealthbox for Off-Road

Now that same engineered design we have for our cars is available for Polaris Slingshot vehicles too! The Polaris Slingshot delivers huge shots of adrenaline and a driving experience like no other road machine. Sadly, the factory audio options are easily overwhelmed by the challenges of it’s open-air cockpit design. With JL Audio Stealthbox for Slingshot, owners of the UTV can finally attain high performance audio options

Products Available:

  • Speaker Pods: Purpose built for Polaris Slingshot vehicles, these custom engineered speaker pods are constructed from 100% fiberglass and mount securely to the factory tube frame with the included 
    hardware kit. Each sealed enclosure houses a pair of JL Audio premium M-Series 7.7-inch marine component systems to project clean, powerful sound whether you are cruising or letting it rip.

  • Subwoofers: Built specifically to fit Polaris Slingshot vehicles, these Stealthbox systems provide powerful amounts of deep bass, without interfering with seating space or comfort. Made from 100% fiberglass with a rugged weatherproof finish, each sealed enclosure houses a 10W3v3 subwoofer and solidly mounts into one rear storage compartment. Can purchase one or even two for maximum sub-bass performance.

JL Audio Stealthbox for Polaris Slingshot

    *Please note, window tinting, leather interiors, and moon-roofs are only installed at the Morse Road location.