Adding a Subwoofer To Your Audio System

Subwoofer speakers are designed to produce low frequency sounds, or bass.  Even if you don’t want to rattle the windows of the car next to you at a traffic light, bass is an integral part of any audio system, giving you depth and realism.  Most high end factory systems include built in subwoofers, but they are usually too small to optimally handle low frequency sounds. 

What type of subwoofer do you need?

  • Component Subwoofers – This option is just the speaker itself, meaning you’ll have get or build an enclosure. These are ideal for those who want a highly customized car audio system. 
  • Enclosed Subwoofers – Already pre-mounted in a box designed to accommodate the subwoofer. This eliminates the need to choose or build an enclosure, so you won’t have to do as much customization work. These typically come in different sizes and shapes so you can choose the best fit for your vehicle and space.
  • Powered Subwoofer – Includes the amplifier that’s needed to power the subwoofer all in one compact enclosure. These subwoofers are good for installing in a vehicle with space limitations, but their small drivers and amp are not ideal for producing big bass. They are, however, relatively simple to install and are an easy add on to a factory system.
  • Vehicle Specific – Designed specifically to fit in your vehicle. If you’re not looking for a custom sound system install, these provide a discreet and space saving install.  They’ll likely suffice for most listening needs, but again, they will not create a huge bass sound like a custom installed component subwoofer would.

*Keep in mind that all subwoofers (except the powered subwoofer) will need an external amplifier that provides power.

Whatever type of sound you’re looking to achieve, we can help you get it.  Visit us to speak to an expert on which subwoofer option is best for your needs.  

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Adding a Subwoofer To Your Audio System

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