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7 Reasons Why People Buy a Remote Car Starter

Reasons To Buy a Remote Car Starter

We’ve asked our customers why they purchased remote starters from us and here is what they said,

1. Extreme cold weather is the number one reason why people buy a remote car starter.

Car exteriors can freeze over in icy rain making key locks and doors freeze shut. Sometimes your car can become sealed shut beneath a layer of ice making it impossible to enter your car to even start it!  But when you have a remote car starter, you can start your car from the warmth of your house without scraping or scratching the exterior of your car just to get in.  

Most of our customers buy remote car starters to avoid these extreme weather conditions.  One customer simply said he just wanted to “avoid the freakin’ cold weather!!” when he purchased his.   Avoiding the cold weather tops the list of reasons why people buy a remote car starter.     

“I am a busy college student in Nursing School with a tight budget but was tired of running outside to start and scrape my car or to come out to a frozen car after class or clinicals.”  

2. Extreme heat is the second most popular reason people want to start their car remotely.  

Car interiors can get “hot as hell!” in the summer months and people want to start their car remotely to avoid burning their skin on sun fried car interiors.  Avoiding an “oven baked interior” that burns your bare skin in the summer is also at the top of the list for weather related reasons to buy a remote car starter.

3.  Growing families like the extra support of remote car starters.

Congratulations!  You are having a new baby and want to bring them home comfortably. Having a child is another popular reason people buy remote car starters.   It doesn’t matter if you want to keep them warm in the winter or cool in the summer, a growing family is a happy reason our customers buy remote car starters all year long.  Being able to start the car while helping toddlers put their shoes on or while you strap your baby into the car seat is a hugely convenient! Plus, it gives parents an added sense of support and timing when getting ready to shuttle back and forth from play dates, music lessons, and to school.  

“When we had our first child all I could think about is how I wished I had a new car with a remote starter each time I’d go out in the freezing cold to scrape my iced-over car.  Now that I’m pregnant again I wanted to buy a remote car starter before the weather and my life gets too crazy and I forgot!”

“My wife needed a warm car for the new kid.”

4. Remote car starters are a gift that keeps on giving!

Many of our customers purchase remote car starters as gifts for family members. People love giving remote car starters to the people they care about because it makes their life easier.    

“Our daughter does not have a garage for her car and she takes our granddaughter to school on her way to work. She asked for one for Christmas but did not get one, so I thought we would get it for an early birthday present.”

”It was a birthday gift for son.

“I needed a birthday gift for my wife.

” I bought it for my sister so she would stop whining about the weather!”

5. People like to feel like they are keeping up with the Joneses

Our customers don’t mind admitting they were once jealous of their colleagues who could start their cars remotely while staying inside the warm and dry office.  

If you don’t like being the last one to get to the best thing since sliced bread, then you might be interested to know that quite a few of our customers bought remote car starters just to keep up with the Joneses.

“I am jealous of my colleagues who can start their cars remotely!”

“Buddy at work has one and I am trying to keep up with the Jones’.?”

“Everyone in my office has been raving about you(Columbus Car Audio). My car took forever to warm up so they all recommended me to you. Everyone who didn’t have a remote start has gotten one from you!”

6.  Various health reasons prompt people to buy remote car starters.

Health conditions can make it difficult getting into an extremely cold or hot vehicle. Various medications can cause heat intolerance, making it difficult for the body to regulate its internal temperature.  And according to Web MD, “heat or high humidity can make many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience a temporary worsening of their symptoms.”  Health reasons were only listed by a handful of our customers as to why they buy remote car starters, but we are excited to know that we are helping those customers find new ways to manage their pain.   

“Health reasons made getting into an extremely cold vehicle very difficult.”

7.  A remote car starter makes life so much easier!

You’re getting older, the winters are getting colder, and the summers are getting hotter.  It doesn’t matter if you want to save yourself frustration or a few minutes, warm things up, or cool things down; buying a remote car starter can make your life so much easier.  

“I was having problems with my key causing me to have problems starting my car. Getting a remote car starter made my mornings so much easier!”

Check out our selection of remote starters here.  

7 Reasons Why People Buy a Remote Car Starter

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