Window Tinting – Protect Your Car from Dangerous UV Rays

Window Tinting not only provides greater privacy and deters theft, it reduces glare, blocks up to 60% of the sun’s heat and 98% of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.

  • Protect Your Vehicle’s Interior
  • Use Less Energy Cooling
  • Improve the Look of Your Vehicle

Window Tinting is available at both our Columbus and Reynoldsburg stores!


4 Levels of Window Tinting Film & Many Shades to Choose From:

Entry Level, Standard Film: Engineered with economical dyed charcoal technology. Matte, non-reflective finish. Dyed charcoal tint construction helps create privacy, reduces glare, and gives you a UV protection of 98% or more. We offer 5 shades and include the manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

Premium Film: Created with non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon tint technology. Non-reflective, true black finish that won’t fade available in 5 shades. Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and is backed by a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

Ultra Film: Developed for enhanced performance, non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon tint film. Scientifically formulated for a non-reflective, true black finish that will not fade over time. Advanced solar energy rejection keeps solar heat, UV and infrared rays at bay, meaning less exposure to fading and sun damage, and a significant interior temperature difference. Backed by a manufacturer lifetime limited warranty. Available in 6 shades.

Ceramic IR Film: The ultimate evolution in tint technology and our most premium, top-performing offering. This series is a combination of advanced ceramic and non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology. The addition of ceramic technology enhances solar performance and infrared rejection with carbon hybrid tints, maintaining a fully non-metal construction for no signal interference with on-board or portable electronic devices. Available in 8 shades, all a non-reflective and true black hue that helps protect against fading. Provides protection from 99% of UV rays and boasts exceptional heat and infrared rejection.

Professional Window Tinting Installation

With our decades of experience, you can be assured that we will treat your vehicle as if it were our own. We provide a lifetime workmanship guarantee on all of our installs and our professionally trained technicians use only the highest quality window tint films in the industry.

Ask About Adding our No Fault Protection Plan to Your Tint!

Plans start at just $19.99 and covers replacement tint on any window for any reason not covered under the manufacturers warranty. Coverage includes damage caused by seat belt chips, pets, children, cargo, improper cleaning, and more.

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