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Superior Quality Window Tinting with Professional Installation

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Window Tinting blocks up to 60% of the sun’s heat and blocks 98% of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays; protecting you and your interior from sun damage. Window Tint Film enhances the style of any vehicle, and provides more privacy deterring thefts. It also reduces glare from the sun and snow for safer driving and prevents shattering if glass gets broken. 


We offer 4 levels of Film, with many shade options for your vehicle:

Entry Level, Standard Film: Engineered with economical dyed charcoal technology.  Matte, non-reflective finish. Dyed charcoal tint construction helps create privacy, reduces glare, and gives you a UV protection of 98% or more. We offer 5 shades and include the manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

Premium Film: Created with non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon tint technology. Non-reflective, true black finish that won’t fade available in 5 shades. Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and is backed by a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

Ultra Film: Engineered for enhanced performance, non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon tint film. Scientifically formulated for a non-reflective, true black finish that will not fade over time. Advanced solar energy rejection keeps solar heat, UV and infrared rays at bay, meaning less exposure to fading and sun damage, and a significant interior temperature difference. Backed by a manufacturer lifetime limited warranty. Available in 6 shades.

3M Crystalline Film: Featuring a proprietary, multilayer optical film nano-technology that is thinner than a Post-it Note. Durable, non-metal, dark film designed to enhance your view by allowing visible light into your vehicle while keeping heat out. Rejects up to 60% of solar energy and up to 97% of heat-producing infrared rays. Blocks up to 99% of UV light providing a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 1000 for you and your passengers. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and we offer 4 shades. *The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an effective UV protectant.

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Some think that a car audio company can’t have the expertise and knowledge to ensure a quality tint install, but Columbus Car Audio & Accessories is dedicated to providing top notch service and products. The professional and knowledgeable staff is also up to date on window tinting rules and regulations, that can vary by state, and would never steer you wrong.

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