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Back-Up Cameras; Bringing Convenience and Safety to your Vehicle

Back-Up Cameras; Bringing Convenience and Safety to your Vehicle

The main purpose of a rear-view camera system is simply to provide a view of what is behind you while you’re parking or backing up, but they also offer a safety advantage in helping you to see a child, pet, or other hazard.

How a Back-Up Camera Can Help You

Every year, thousands of children are hurt or killed because a driver backing up failed to see them. For the most part, back-over accidents take place in residential driveways or parking lots and oftentimes it’s the parent or close relative at the wheel.  With the installation of a back-up camera system you are eliminating a large blind zone and preventing many of these accidents.

Many new cars have proximity sensors that beep when you back toward a solid object, and other vehicles have a back-up camera incorporated into their built in navigation systems.  Aftermarket camera systems and back-up sensors allow any vehicle to be equipped with a warning system.

How They Work

With an aftermarket rear-view camera system, a small camera can be built into a license-plate holder or on a vehicle’s bumper.

Systems also require a video screen for viewing. These screens can be built into a replacement rear-view mirror or a small screen that mounts to the dash.  Also keep in mind, many in dash multimedia receivers and GPS navigation systems come back up camera ready.

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