Momento HD Dash Cam

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Dash Cameras – Because You Never Know What Might Happen on the Road.

What is a Dash Cam?

Dash cameras, or “dash cams”, are security devices that record and monitor activity around your vehicle. They are most often found mounted to the front windshield or on the car’s dashboard, hence the name “dash cam”.

Dash cameras protect you, your loved ones, and your vehicle by providing video and audio evidence of any on-road or off-road incidents. Advanced dash cameras by brands like Momento offer additional peace of mind with features like parking mode, full HD resolution, and dual-channel.

Why Do I Need a Dash Cam?

  • Keep and extra eye on your ride. Momento dash cam systems all include front and rear cameras to provide up to 270º of surveillance coverage.
  • While you’re driving. When you’re on the road, Momento uses looping technology to constantly record activity and overwrite older footage. If you cam detects impact, it will store footage from the incident in a separate folder so it won’t be deleted.
  • While you’re parked. Momento has your back even when your vehicle is parked. They have built-in motion and impact sensors to start recording before and after something happens around your vehicle.
  • Instant Video Proof: With recorded footage, you can quickly expedite insurance claims or prevent insurance fraud.

Full Feature List

  • Full HD Resolution: (1920×1080) high-definition front camera.
  • 3.5″ Touch Screen provides interactive interface and high clarity.
  • Sony Exmor R Sensor: Provides clean and clear video quality in low-light scenarios.
  • Format-Free Technology: Automatically overwrites files when storage capacity is exceeded.
  • PIP Multi-Screen: Multi-screen feature allows you to view front/rear cameras simultaneously.
  • Provides voice guidance, as well as alert sounds/messages.
  • Continuous, incident-continuous, incident-parking, parking, and manual recording modes.
  • Battery Save Mode: Measures the voltage of your battery real-time and halts Momento to prevent excess battery-drain.
  • Location + Speed Limit Sensor: Provides information about vehicle’s location and speed. (GPS antenna required).
  • Front-Vehicle Move Alert: Alerts the driver when the front vehicle starts to move from a complete stop.
  • PC Viewer for Windows is used to watch recorded videos. Use VLC for Mac computers.
  • Compatible with all vehicles.