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Remote Start Categories

Different Remote Start Categories

Remote car starters come as many remote variations, some with multiple functions and features, but all remote starts fall within 1 of 3 categories; 1-Way, 2-Way, and SmartPhone Control.

Below, we’ll explain the difference and benefits of the remote start categories so you can easily choose with option is best for you.


1-way refers to communication that only goes one way from the remote transmitter to your vehicle. This means you can send commands from the remote one way, but you won’t receive any confirmation commands or communication back on the remote.

Lots of entry level remote starts are 1-way systems and work from around 1500 – 3000 feet away from the vehicle. You’ll know your vehicle has received the command to start because the lights will flash to alert you. These systems work best if you plan on using your remote starter close by the vehicle or when the vehicle is within sight, so you’ll know if it remote started or not.


2-way also refers to the communication between the remote and your vehicle, but this option goes both ways. It’s called 2-way because the remote communicates with the vehicle and the vehicle communicates back.

The primary advantage of a 2-way system is you’ll always know if the command you sent to start the vehicle was received or not. You might wonder why that’s important but imagine thinking you’ve started your car on a snowy day only to find out 20 minutes later that it didn’t start. (uh oh!)

2-way remote start systems are ideal for those who’s vehicles are not always within sight. If you can’t see the lights on your vehicle flash to confirm it’s been started, then the alert on the remote will confirm it. This is especially handy if you park in a parking garage, or if your vehicle is parked in the back of the grocery store lot, and not right where you can always see it.

SmartPhone Control

Forget only 1 or 2 ways of communication, get full connectivity to your vehicle through your smartphone with DroneMobile. Drone adds LTE connectivity to your vehicle, giving you fast and reliable access from an app on your phone. It’s a universal remote start solution that can be added to over 95% of vehicles on the road.

  • Control Your Car – Lock, Unlock, and remote start your car all through the user-friendly app.
  • Track Your Car – Monitor your car’s location, speed and status.
  • Check Your Car – Do everything from check your door locks to set a maintenance reminder for your car’s next service.
  • Secure Your Car – Anytime your alarm is triggered, you’ll receive a push notification, even if your car’s parked across town.
  • Unlimited Range – Use your app to access your vehicle from virtually anywhere, as long as you have cell phone service.

Which Remote Start Category is Best For You?

Need help choosing which remote start category is right for you? We can help! Stop by one of our stores today and we can walk you through all the options so you can choose which remote start system will fit your needs and your car.

Remote Start Categories

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