Car Detailing

Car Detailing
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Car Detailing

Who doesn’t want their vehicle to look like it just came off the lot? Our Professional Car Detailing Services can offer you just that! We’ll get you that ‘new car’ look no matter how long you’ve owned your vehicle!

  • Removes Pet Hair
  • Cleans Road Salt & Dirt Stains
  • Makes Your Car Shine!

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Auto Detailing Exterior Wheels

We Offer 4 Packages to Fit Your Needs:

Level 1 – Includes Detailed Hand Wash, Exterior/Interior Glass Cleaning, Wheel/Tire Cleaning & Tire Shine, Interior Vacuum, and Surface Cleaning.
Our Basic ‘Hey, You Cleaned Your Car!’ Package.

Car Detailing Interior Vacuum

Level 2 – Includes Foaming Cleaner Power Wash with Detailed Hand Cleaning, Exterior/Interior Glass Cleaning, Wheel, Wheel Well, & Tire Cleaning & Shine, Interior Panel Scrub, Clean & Shine of Center Console, Interior Trim, & Dashboard, Detailed Vacuum, and Carpet & Seat Steam Spot Treatment, Leather Conditioning if applicable.
Our ‘People Will Be Impressed’ Deep Clean Package.

Level 3 – Includes Level 2, Plus Exterior Synthetic Polymer or Carnauba Wax Treatment, Exterior Bug & Tar Removal, and Interior Pet Hair Removal.
Our ‘Night and Day Difference’ Complete Package.

Auto Detailing Interior

Level 4 – Includes Level 2, Plus Pre-Wax Paint Cleaning Treatment Including Minor Paint Corrections, Synthetic Polymer or Carnauba Wax Treatment, Exterior Bug & Tar Removal, Exterior Trim Clean & Shine, Engine Wipe Down & Shine, Full Interior Carpet/Seat Steam Cleaning with Floor Mat Spot Treatment, and Interior Pet Hair Removal.
Our ‘WHOA, Did Monica Geller Clean Your Car?’ Ultimate Package

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