Signal Processor

signal processorSignal Processor

What is a signal processor? The signal processor’s job is to cut the ‘peaks’ and boost the ‘valleys’ of the sound in the vehicle to smooth it all out. That way all of the frequencies are present and at the desired level so you hear everything you are meant to. The best way to visualize sound is like ripples in water. Sound waves behave like the ripples that are created when you toss a stone into a still pond: they originate from one spot (like a speaker) and spread out in a circular pattern. Like waves in a pond, sound waves are affected by everything they run into i.e. your vehicle’s dash or steering column and even sound waves from other speakers in the car. When sound waves meet, one of two things happen: either they will combine together to create a ‘peak’, or they will cancel each other out and create a ‘valley’. Your installer will use the signal processor to align all of the new aftermarket components in the car correctly and compensate for reflective surfaces like glass and absorptive objects such as seats and carpeting. It will also help overcome a majority of the road, wind, and mechanical noises that occur in every vehicle.

accubass Signal ProcessorCan you Benefit from a Signal Processor?

One of the biggest problems with factory radios is that the vehicle manufacturer will automatically turn down the bass that occurs at higher volume levels. They do this to protect their speakers so they do not have to replace them under the new car warranty. Only proper signal processing with the correct components, like AudioControl AccuBASS processors, will correct the issue. Factory radios also use heavy equalization at times to compensate for inferior speakers. When you install new speakers with dynamic frequency response, this heavy equalization needs to be reversed to let the dynamic speakers play as they were intended. With a signal processor the installer can correct this heavy equalization and allow the rest of the system to perform at its best.

Who Should Get a Signal Processor?

Anyone who wants to get the most out of their audio system. Those with a particularly discerning ear, should always consider installing a high-quality signal processor like the processors made in the USA by AudioControl. Signal processors help audio systems achieve their maximum potential and allow you to get the most out of every other product installed in the car.