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All You Need to Know About Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating; What it is & What It Does.

You strive to keep your vehicle looking like new, you wash it on a regular basis, you wax it, and probably get it detailed. But, despite all your efforts, you still see swirl marks, small chips, water spots, and dirt and grime that come back quickly. Introducing the solution; Ceramic Coating!

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. This liquid creates a semi-permanent bond with your vehicle’s paint to create a layer of protection that doesn’t wash away or break down and can last up to 4 years.


This additional layer of protection keeps your car looking like new with minimal maintenance and adds substantial value to your vehicle.

  • Protection from UV Damage – Ceramic coating will protect against harmful UV rays and gradual paint fading that comes with exposure to the sun.
  • Paint Protection – It protects against small scratches and dings from road debris. It can withstand a great deal of damage without showing ill-effects on the body of the car.
  • Protects Against Chemicals – Some chemicals, like those found in bird droppings, gasoline, brake fluid, and shaving cream can be damaging to a car’s paint. This coating serves as a barrier between them and your paint job.
  • Easy to Clean – It’s hydrophobic, meaning it repels water. Water will bead on the vehicle’s surface and slide off easily. Dirt and grime will have a hard time sticking to your vehicle and can be removed with significantly less effort.
  • Shine & Gloss – Ceramic Coating enhances the reflective properties of your car’s paint and clear coat; resulting in a POP of high gloss finish.


How It’s Applied 

Ceramic Coating application takes time and should be done professionally, here’s how we do it:

  • We properly wash your vehicle to remove any and all dirt and grime and use a clay bar if necessary.
  • Then comes the the paint correction step; we polish or buff out any swirls, imperfections, and scratches in the paint. Your vehicle is then inspected to ensure all blemishes have been corrected and the surface is in its best condition before we apply the ceramic coating.

  • We then use a Shield Prep solution, applying to the paint and then wiping off one panel at a time with a microfiber towel. This cleans any wax residue or polishing oils left behind, leaving a cleaned and prepped surface for the Ceramic Coating to cling to.
  • Next comes the Ceramic Coating; working one panel or small section at a time, we apply the coating directly on the paint using an applicator sponge. It’s applied in even horizontal lines followed by even vertical lines for complete coverage.

  • The coating will sit and “cure” for a short time, before we wipe off all residue. After all residue is gone, the coating needs to fully cure and adhere to the vehicle, which can take up to 24 hours.

Looking to Get Ceramic Coating for your Car?

If you care about preserving the look and quality of your car’s paint, please email us to request a quote. We’ll gladly follow up to give your pricing specific to your vehicle and to answer any questions you have.

All You Need to Know About Ceramic Coating

    *Please note leather interiors and moonroofs are only installed at the Morse Road location.

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    *Please note, leather interiors, and moonroofs are only installed at the Morse Road location.
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