Check out below what some of our customers have to say about us!

What a great and professional experience. I took my daughters 2004 Volvo in to get a new deck and speaker system. I was explained all the options available to me – and during the install, it was determined the speakers did not need replacing (I had just assumed they did). Ended up saving some money! Great communication and very helpful service all around. Thank-you Columbus Car Audio!


Motorcycle Install: I decided to install a Batwing and professionally install a sound system. AMAZING & CLEAN!! These guys were outstanding, fast, and produced exceptional results. I will absolutely refer anyone here for audio and accessory options.


I went to Columbus Car and Audio when I needed a new car radio. They were professional, quick and didn’t break the bank. I highly recommend them and will be returning for more services soon!


Took my 2006 honda accord in to get a new system in, and this place is amazing all the guys their know what they are talking about, Brandon is the go to guy he showed me all different types of subwoofers and radios and played all different kinds of set ups till I found the perfect one! And they also did a amazing job installing it, my system sounds amazing I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else thanks guys!!


The experience from Columbus Car Audio was great. Contacted them for a window tint appointment got it scheduled to meet my needs took the car in at 9am when they opened received a call around 1145am stating the car was done. Picked up the car and the tint job looked amazing very clean did a fantastic job I will go back and recommend them to anyone


Love my new sound system in my truck! They even worked after hours to finish the day i wanted the job done. They even gave me a full walk through on how all the new equipment works. 


Had great experience, Bryan helped me choosing right remote starter for my new Civic 2016 as I came with confused mind, wasn’t sure which one to pick to get more value out of money I spend on a starter. Very professional staff.


They did a great job on my not-super-special old lady car stereo replacement. Unlike every automotive experience of my life, no one talked down to me, they helped me decide on the best equipment in my budget and had it installed in a day. I was very pleased.


I worked with Jay to get a security system and remote start installed on my car. What a great experience. Jay took the time to explain all of my options. The work was completed within the time frame allotted. The work was done professionally and the service was on a personal level. Awesome!


Great experience replacing my son’s car audio that had been ripped from his dash when someone broke into his Ford Taurus.  Jay was on top of everything, and his communication with me via email (i am in CT) was excellent.  I would highly recommend!


Had a great experience getting a remote starter added to my car. The work was done quickly and I felt that the price was fair. I don’t normally write reviews but I had to give a shout out to Tyler who was very kind and helpful. He helped me make the right decision for which system to purchase and made sure I knew how to use it properly!


I got my windows tinted here about 6 weeks ago and they were great. Justin B. took care of me from start to finish. He was professional throughout and was very knowledgeable in making recommendations. The windows look fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would definitely go back!


Great service and knowledge. Just had a remote start installed for my wife. I appreciated their honesty as well as ensuring that I got value for money



Very happy with my experience here! Was in love with the Nissan Xterra when I was a teenager, and when the opportunity came to purchase one, I was disappointed with the lack of upgrades that were offered on the Xterra. Found the solution at Columbus Care Audio! I have worked with Jay a total of 3 times and they have always given the best price and amazing service! Highly recommend!


I bought a remote starter here a few days ago. Staff helped me choose the right system according to my needs and budget, they scheduled my installation within a week. Installation took a day, they gave me a call when it was done. Great service. I am fully prepared for the winter season. By the way if you want to install remote engine starter the only alternative out there is Best buy, but considering that they charge twice as much for the same work and the time you need to wait for the actual installation it is not an alternative.


I got a new stereo ,bluetooth and backup camera installed in my 2005 corolla. It looks fabulous and sounds great. Justin and team were friendly and knowledgeable. They finished car ahead of schedule. I am thrilled and feel like i got a new car. Great work.


I went to Columbus Car audio after trying to install a new system myself and needing help. They provided a line out audio control to solve my noise issue and even recommended a subwoofer that I wasn’t planning on buying, but now won’t live without. They even helped me understand how I would need a volume control in the car for my sub. It’s in the trunk and it’s a convertible, so the adjustable bass is a must with varying noise conditions. I love my new system and will continue to head back to Columbus Car Audio for equipment and advice.


Had work done two weeks ago. Received a call from the sales rep asking to call them back since he had not mentioned something when I picked up my car.  When I contacted him, he stated that they had scratched a trim piece during the install. He then offered to replace the piece for me at no cost. I can hardly see the scratch, and had to have him point it out to me in order to identify it.  No need to replace in my mind. This was excellent stand up service. Nice to do business with a company that stands behind their work.


Just had all 3 of my cars tinted at Columbus Car audio last week and could not be more satisfied with the way it looks, feels and how personable and professional they were. I also added the Bluetooth connect ( which let me do the talk to text with the touch of a button!) and HID headlight on my Denali. Will definitely recommend to all my friends and family!


 Wow, just WOW! After weeks of getting the run-around from another (so-called) remote car start installation facility, we made our way to Columbus Car Audio. I spoke with Justin on the phone and he reassured me that they could get the remote start installed on our Nitro. We made an appointment for the very next day for installation. We ended up having a little hiccup (NOT the fault of Justin or Columbus Car Audio) with the key, but Justin went out of his waymaking phone calls to local Dodge dealers to help us get our problem solved. The installation was smooth and easy and everything works just like Justin promised us. What started out as an absolute disaster weeks prior, turned in to a wonderful buying experience! Columbus Car Audio is my new “go to” place for anything car audio. Skip the big box places, folks! Don’t get the run around, go directly to Columbus Car Audio and get it done right, the first time!!! Thank you all !!!


 I just had some audio work done on my Harley Ultra Classis…..it was great!!! Kevin and the other people there are so responsive and knowledgeable, and care deeply about the details that I want and the time frame I would like to have. I’ve had them do work more than once and would highly highly recommend them!!!!!!!


 I was able to get a remote starter package at a really good price (I highly recommend that you sign up for their emails, because I able to snag the deal I got at their annual tent sale.) While I wasn’t personally able come visit that day, I was able to come in on that following Tuesday to get the sale price, couldn’t install it until Saturday (that should tell you how good these guys are.) Install was nice and clean, and they even used a paper floor mat, even though I have molded floor mats installed (not gonna complain about that!) Had an little issue when I picked the car up, but they quickly took the car to the back and fixed it. Now I’m the type of person who will look under the dash just to see how clean the installation really is. Well, I only see 2 wires, and I have no clue where the main unit is located, I call that a clean and well hidden install! This isn’t the first time that Columbus Car Audio has worked on my car, and will not be the last time either


 I recently purchased my 1st Harley and wanted to upgrade my speakers in my fairing. I came across Columbus Car Audio and after a couple emails to Jason I could definitely see that this place knew their stuff. I cannot believe how awesome my system sounds now with my new Hertz ECX 6.5 speakers


 Anthony is a fantastic asset for you guys. He helped solve a vexing problem with current drain that the Subaru dealer wouldn’t touch – and although we suspected it might have been the result of installing several components – it wasn’t and Anthony was very diligent about helping me narrow it down, even though it didn’t directly have to do with any previous CCA work. He was a great communicator and a real pro. You’re fortunate to have him on staff and it certainly makes me want to keep coming back.


Columbus Car Audio installed Wetsounds Rev 10’s and a Sinister SD2 amp on my 2011 Mastercraft X2. They also reinstalled my equalizer so it looks like it came from the factory. The system is crisp,clear, loud and sounds fantastic. They made sure it was just how I wanted it. Thanks to Jayson and Junior for the great customer service.


Have had a great experience with Columbus Car Audio. They are always professional and prompt with service and have never charged us for a warranty repair (we’ve had to have a cable replaced a few times because the manufacturer had some production defects… the newest cable works beautifully). Also, they fixed an issue with a power connector for free when a body shop broke it during some repair work from our vehicle getting hit by a deer. Highly recommend their work and their prices are reasonable!


I purchased a remote starter from and had CCA install it a few years ago. In January something went wrong with the remote starter. It would initiate and start only to turn itself off after a few seconds. It would then start itself again and continue to do the same until the battery died. 

  Thinking I would have to purchase a new remote starter, I explained the problem and picked out a new remote starter to have them install if they couldn’t fix the old one. It took the installer 30 minutes to fix the original remote start. Being that they could have made an easy sale knowing I would purchase if necessary, I was impressed with the honesty. What even made it better was that they did not charge me one cent for the fix. They have definitely earned my business next go around.


Not Morse Rd., but the Reynoldsburg location. Donald was friendly, helpful, went over and beyond to help me and he was basically just all around awesome. I got the 2-way remote starter system installed the same day that I called and I’m going back tomorrow to get the rest of the CompuStar alarm features added, since my factory alarm is disabled when the car is running. Thanks Donald and CCA!


 Good folks. Have taken professional care of my vehicles for several years. Thanks!


Kevin and crew were great. Fast and easy process. Would recommend to anyone looking at remote starter for their car.

Mike R

Just dropped by CCAA a few days ago to buy a car radio to replace my broken one. I had signed to purchase over $200 of radio and installation. Brennen Portier walked in and informed me that a fuse was blown and I don’t need a replacement radio!

He could have had the radio installed and I would never have known.
That is honesty! Good job! Brennen! I’ll be back and I’ll refer my friends!

Rich M

…I wanted to let your company know how very helpful and professional your employee Rob Beno is.  I recently purchased an automobile from Crown Jeep and had the navigation, back up camera, and Bluetooth installed as part of my purchase.  From my understanding, the unit that was installed was defective and I had to have a new unit installed.  Rob initially met with me at Crown Jeep to look at the system to determine what was needed.  Long store short, a new unit had to be ordered and re-installed.  When the new unit came in, Rob called immediately to set up a time that would be good for me, and for my convenience, he came to my place of business and did the work right here on the parking lot.  He was very knowledgeable and professional and kind to someone who is ‘technically challenged’.

Sue Woods Smith

My car was burgled over Labor Day. Jay did an outstanding job helping me get a replacement Pioneer GPS/DVD/etc. system set up and working.  It’s fabulous, and I’m over-the-moon happy.


I purchased and had installed my new Pioneer AppRadio 3, this past Saturday. Jayson took care of the process, got me set up and his team got me installed professionally within 2 hours.  Very informative, professional and had a lot of knowledge in the products they have. This will be the only place I will take my car from now on for all her toys and upgrades! You’ve got a customer for life!! AWESOME SERVICE!

-Anthony P.

Just had a new stereo system installed in my car by Columbus Car Audio. The service was great, prices were reasonable and the entire system is out of this world. Now I can listen to my CD’s and Radio again w/o it shutting down or turning on by itself…Thank you Columbus Car Audio…

-Scott K.

Brian and the crew are outstanding professionals, highly recommended!


Great experience! Great installation! Kevin was great! I will return to CCA for all y vehicle audio/visual needs!


Just had my Viper Smart Start installed by the awesome guys at Columbus Car Audio a few weekends ago, works like a charm! Thanks!


Todd at the Reynoldsburg store worked with me to install an extremely awesome fairing only sound system in my road glide. The volume and sound quality far surpasses the stock Harley system. Unfortunately the system had an issue several months after installed. I made one phone call, dropped my bike off the next day and had the bike back in less than 2 hours !!! The head unit was defective from the factory and was replaced with a new one, no questions asked. Todd and his team install bad ass stuff and have the quality of service to back it up! Check them out, you will not be disappointed.


Anthony did an excellent job on my vehicle.  The [paint protection] film was installed with great care and looks outstanding!  He delivered excellent communication before and after the installation so that expectations were met and I am now very satisfied.  His customer service was so much better than AAP that you should definitely consider him your premier Columbus installer.

I know that his business will grow if he continues to deliver the same customer experience and installs your film, which is the highest performing on the market.   After a late night drive through farm country Saturday night, I wiped off several bugs Sunday morning with only water and a MF towel and there is NO visible staining/etching!  Premiumshield would have stained badly.  Thanks again for directing me to the best installer for my new car!

John Vitullo, MD

I am very pleased by the audio system I had installed at Columbus Car Audio. When I initially came in I wanted to improve the audio from the OEM speakers in my car.  They spend the time for me to select a set of Boston Acoustic speakers for my 2001 Lincoln Town car to replace the 10 year old paper element OEM speakers. The selection of the Boston Acoustic speakers helped immensely with getting quality audio out of the JVC head unit installed previously by another vendor. The pending failure of my aftermarket JVC head unit led me to come back in for an upgrade. We decided at that point on a Kenwood Excelon KDCX995 head unit, a Hertz HDP5 amplifier, and a Rockford Fosgate subwoofer along with all of the associated wiring.  This left me with a very good sounding audio system but was still not the definitive sound I was looking for.

I am a former broadcast engineer and have had the chance to play with professional grade audio in studios built for recording.  I knew that I had vibration issues still in the metal of my car.  Because of this, I came back in for soundproofing.  Upon my discussion with Denny, we installed Hushmat over the entire floor, in the doors, and the trunk. What we got was an audiophile sound system where the replication of the audio is good enough to hear the flaws in the underlying audio. I am able tell when a radio station has either compressed the music too much or has improperly processed the signal. The only way you can tell this is with quality equipment.

The decisions made were primarily due to the fact that I am a former broadcast engineer.  In addition to this, I also hold a PHD in Chemistry with a specialty in the area of study known as X-ray crystallography.  Because of this experience and knowledge base, I knew that an automobile is a challenging environment to get quality audio. Both glass and metal have resonant frequencies at which they vibrate, and furthermore those surfaces are reflective for audio replication. I also knew that buying quality does not always mean buying the most expensive equipment. Interestingly I managed to get the quality by working with Denny at Columbus Car Audio. It has been a pleasure to do business with him throughout this endeavor.

I am also happy to have met the other coworkers of Denny and I am happy for their patience as we went through the selection process and for the excellent job they did installing my audio system.

Thanks much,

I just wanted to recognize Jayson Cook’s outstanding work. Yesterday he went out of his way to help resolve a problem I was having with my stereo—even going so far as to step off the sales floor and crawl underneath my car dashboard himself, fixing the problem so that I wouldn’t have to bring the car back the next day for the repair.

Chip Barthelmes

I had a great experience with your company thanks to Rich, Brian and John. The attention to my needs, concern for my satisfaction and quality of the product and installation were all of the highest order. Thanks for the excellent treatment.


The car is awesome. I can’t express how pleased I am with the job, the fit and finish, the quality of work. You are 100% correct, it looks totally factory. I’ve had cars worked on by many outfits, including AE Designs in New York, and your work is among the best. You’re truly professional and, actually, perfect.


I just wanted to let you guys know the outcome of this issue, and to thank you again for taking a look at the vehicle. After I left you shop, I took the Jeep to Carriage Towne to have them check out the electrical system. After some testing, they said the parasitic drain was coming from within the battery. The battery was replaced under warranty and the problem went away. At rest, the draw is now 55 milliamps including the remote start, so hopefully that took care of it. Thank you for excellent customer service after the sale.


Just a note about my recent installation. Todd Godwin of the Reynoldsburg store scheduled my appt and was immediately ready when I arrived. I dropped my vehicle off and was quoted a three hour installation. Todd and team were done in less than 3 hours !!! And the installation is perfect, exactly what I asked for, and less expensive than any other estimates I gathered !!!! What a great job !!! I will be back to this store for any of my future car audio needs!!!!

Randy Graham

I wanted to let you know that we worked with Jim at Morse Rd/ through Dan Tobin. Jim provided outstanding customers service and was able to make multiple changes to make sure we were very happy with our Nav system. He went above and beyond in helping us and we will be using Columbus Car Audio in the future due to his level of customer service. Please make sure he knows how happy he has made us.

James & Sabrina Freiberg

Dear Columbus Car Audio,

I wanted to let the team at Columbus Car Audio; Morse Road store; know how happy I am with my new sun roof. Despite a few challenges the work was outstanding. I was very apprehensive to have a whole cut in the roof of my new car, but Columbus Car Audio put my fears to rest. WOW! I love it. Looks like it was factory installed.

The service after the fact is most impressive as well. In an age where the customer seems to always get the short end of the stick, Columbus Car Audio steps up to the plate in a very big way. Its very refreshing to see there are companies out there willing to treat their customers with honor and respect.

My 2010 Challenger posed a few problems for the crew and I had to have a couple follow up visits, but to my total amazement their responsiveness and willingness to take on the challenges was nothing short of phenomenal.

If you want service after the fact, plus quality products, you dont need to look any further than Columbus Car Audio. These guys mean business. Im taking my car and the wifes car in for remote starters very soon.

Thanks Anthony for everything
Robert DiMcNeal


Rikki had told me she thought the liner and all the installation turned out great.

I just drove the car for the first time today, thus seeing for the first time today as well. I just wanted to take the time to tell you how impressed I am with how well it turned out. Every experience we have had there has been great and we have been nothing but satisfied with everything that you and your people have done.

Mobile Electronics and more specifically Tom over there, could learn from your company. We do a lot with our cars and their electronics and I can tell you that you have earned our business long term.

Thanks for all the help. And I will be contacting you after the holidays for the navigation.


Hi Jay,

I love the starter. I found a place to park in the far lot that is directly outside my work window, so it’s perfect. Thanks so much for your help. You were awesome!

Marissa Jacobs

Dear Columbus Car Audio & Accessories,

This is a long story, with a happy ending! Last year (2009) for Christmas I received a remote car starter and installation (joy)from Circuit City ( oh,no!) Over a period of several weeks, I had 6 visits to the installation department. Some were for 6 hours, others were for 9+! Ok, so my car is an Audi A6, but, still, it was becoming a part time job! The installation eventually failed with my Audi going into theft failure mode in a retail parking lot! Lights flashing, horns blowing, locks locked down, etc… Now, that’s embarrassing! New part of the story, we found you and your knowledgeable , friendly, and capable staff and here I am, ready to start winter (2009) with a fully functional remote start in the same Audi A6! Only 8 hours for installation! I am happy :)), grateful, and warm! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

With My Best Regards,
Marijo Cary

Just wanted to give the guys at the Newark store all the praise. Took in my van that had the stereo stolen. The wires were cut and looked like spaghetti. In less than 2 hours and just over $200, they set me up with a pioneer digital with media port looking factory installed with correct wiring to the clock, and working on the accessory ignition position just like factory. We were very impressed! Treat them boys right!


Thank you very much for your help this weekend in the purchase of our car security system and the remote start, along with getting it installed today. You and the tech who installed our system, need to be recognized for your outstanding professional customer service. We promise to refer our family and friends to you!

Jennifer Sullivan
David Golubich


Dear Rich,

I want to thank you and the crew at Columbus Car Audio for your excellent work on the �sound machine� installed on my 2004 Mastercraft X-30. I appreciate the personal service you gave me along with the expert installation.

Allowing me to select the Wetsounds Threesome package and providing your recommendation on the JL amps and Optima batteries proved to be a winning combination on a stereo system that is admired and envied by everyone we meet. Thanks for the time spent researching products and designing a true “custom stereo” for us. I have received many compliments and “thumbs up” from boaters on the dock and on the water.

I recommend CCA to all my friends and anyone who is seeking exceptional performance, service and advice.

Matt & Melinda Caserta

I have been a Columbus Car Audio customer for 5 years. It started when I was 17 I brought in my Chevy Camaro to purchase a alarm system and get it installed. Everyone at CCA made me feel really important to them as a customer, which is what brought me back. Over the next few years, whenever I would buy a new car I would bring it to CCA to get a alarm and stereo system. I brought my current car to CCA about a year and half ago and had a custom stereo installed. I told them my ideas and they did a great job! Any time I have ever had a question or concern CCA has always addressed in a timely manner and always treat my car as their own. Because of this I will always be a loyal CCA customer.

Cory Holliday
Columbus, Ohio Networking Experts