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The upgrade process for an iPod Car Adapter doesn’t have to be complicated and is probably more affordable than you think… Option #1: Replace Your Factory Radio Switching out the head unit (stereo) in your car is not only the most convenient way to integrate your smartphone or MP3 player, but it is often also the most affordable as well. Getting a head unit that integrates your devices into your car is an easy first step to getting the latest car technology without getting a new car. Option #2: Radio Adapters & FM Modulators Radio adapters and FM modulators allow you to keep your factory radio while adding functionality, so you can control your devices through a wired connection without needing to completely replace your stereo. Of course, this means no extra bells or whistles like you’d probably get with a shiny, new head unit. Many of these solutions are available for aftermarket, as well as factory stereos.

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iPod Car Adapter

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