Car Amplifiers

Car Audio Amplifiers


An amplifier is for anyone who cares about sound quality.  Adding a car amplifier can provide cleaner sound, more power, and better performance, improving the experience of listening to music in your car.

  • Better Sound Quality – A factory stereo’s built in amplifier is no match for the sound quality you can get from a separate aftermarket amplifier
  • Volume – increase the volume so you can hear your music
  • More Power – Subwoofers require much more power than typical speakers and a separate amplifier can be necessary when adding a subwoofer

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It is important to match up your car stereo and speakers with the right amplifier, Columbus Car Audio & Accessories has the expertise to help you determine just the right power for your vehicle.M

Contact us today to ask any questions and get advice on the best amplifier to fit your needs!

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Car Amplifiers

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